My illustration work is created either digitally using vector programmes such as Illustrator and drawing and painting programmes such as Photoshop, or hand-crafted using pen and ink, watercolour, etching, Lino cutting, or a combination of the digital and traditional techniques.

I created the full set of assets for this Marks and Spencer animation, working with Eruption Studios.

I have worked on concept design for a wide variety of clients over the past years, including these examples below for FDF and BELMAS, and work for including this political GIF example imagining Theresa May on holiday.

I made the music video for Peter Michaels and his wonderful song ‘Fixin’ to Die’ by etching an ominous country scene and colouring it with watercolour in greyscale, then adding a slow zoom and smoke effect in After Effects.

The traditional illustration work that I do can be for animating, or to remain as still imagery for cards, posters, invitations and book covers.