Brook Morgan // 07889 530277

Leytonstone, London

About Me

Iā€™m an animator and illustrator living and working in London.

I graduated from the MA in Character Animation at Central St Martins, UAL in 2013 with a distinction.

After graduating I worked as a freelancer for several years before taking a role as Head of Animation at a central London studio with a political focus. This gave me a wealth of experience in liaising with clients and managing projects, as well as honing my animation and design skills in a variety of different styles.

I have since returned to my freelancing roots, and work with clients on both illustration and animation projects, with a focus on After Effects, Illustrator and also hand-crafted, mixed media work. I am keen to explore opportunities and work on interesting projects across the creative spectrum.

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My Work

I love bringing stories to life through 2D / 2.5D digital and hand drawn animation, designing worlds and creating characters, as well as working in stop-motion and mixed media techniques.

I am fluent in the Adobe Creative Suite, with expertise in After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, Animate, InDesign, Premiere, Audition, as well as other software including Final Cut, Dragonframe and various drawing programmes. I have always had an interest in software and computer programming, so learning and discovering new ways to work is always fun for me.

When I illustrate I work digitally, on paper or a mixture of the two. I draw in ink with watercolour, etching or Lino cut, or use a variety of digital methods including vector art and digital painting. I enjoy mixing techniques to create new and exciting effects.

I believe variety is the spice of life, and once the principles of movement and mark-making have been learnt they can be applied in infinitely new and interesting ways.

In recent years I have worked with a variety of studios, clients and collaborators. Here are a selection of the projects I feel best demonstrate my work in each area: